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St. Louis turned out for what they'd believed was injustice in teen's death

Imagine your child gunned down like a pig, lying faced down in their own pool of blood?You just got word of it from a neighbor or close friend. You rushed to the scene to find your beloved teen-aged child gone forever.

(Out of respect to the family, I am not posting photos of the deceased)This is the scene Sunday night when the St. Louis county police warned the unrest after the protest, to disperse or be sent to jail.
Associated Press

No more birthday parties, no more graduations from school, no more chances of a grandchild, or son/daughter in-law.That is what the parents of 18-year-old murder victim Michael Brown has to endure for the rest of their lives.

On, Saturday, August 9, 2014, at around "broad daylights", witnesses say they saw the police first approach Michael and his friend, there were words exchanged, then a struggle and they shot him, an unarmed tender aged child once, and then eight more times as he held his young hands up begging for them to spare his life.

The sad part about all of this, is that it doesn't end there. The people of the suburb of Ferguson and around the St. Louis area, wanted answers. So much so, that even after a heated protest, and St. Louis county executive Charles Dooley pleading everyone to go home, the confrontations began.

A violent uproar ensued, sending the citizens on a rampage. Some called the rampage a cry out for help, a need to punish the authorities that are sent out to serve and protect.

Other called it frustration, anger and utterly disregards for people's personal properties. As rioters and looters took to the streets, tearing up anything in their path.Like the destructive tornado that hit St. Louis county years before.

All up and down the hustle and bustle of West Florissant Blvd, they broke out windows of businesses, and took what was not rightfully theirs.Fox 2 News roadrunner mobile truck was on the scene, filming it all. From the looting of Quick Trip, which eventually went up in flames, to a Walmart, Dollar General and several small chained stores..

The mobile truck was most definitely instrumental in helping the police, that was stationed at Buzz West Fall Plaza, track down over 32 looters who were trying to get away on foot and in cars.

I spoke to one business owner of a nightclub, who asked not to be identified. They stated emphatically that it was all senseless, the younger and some old heads were angry, and very frustrated.However, the riots and looting was just a mean to show how stupid and dumb they truly are reflected to the world.Which could cause a nuclear effect when the time comes to punish the officer and all that are involved.

Yes indeed the world was truly focused on St. Louis, there were people calling me from all over the world.Yet they should know better, that this was just a cry from a village in St. Louis, even though it does reflects us as a whole, but it can and will be resolved.

There were also rumors that veteran anchorwoman Betsey Bruce had gotten struck in the head with a brick.When in all actuality, it was a St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter, who had gotten to close, in the line of fire.

Just yesterday after a friendly protest, police had to bring in further man power from all over St. Louis, county and the state.Tear gas bombs were so intense that a Fox 2 News team had to pack up and disperse with the angry lingering crowd.

As the smoke clears and the city of Ferguson tries to rebuild, and some try to get out of harms way. Rev.Al Sharpton is also in town today to help the parents and St. Louis get a grip of all the events surrounding Saturday afternoon. Mostly to the dismay of hundreds of social media bloggers, stating that he could do more harm than good to the community and that the city doesn't need his interference.

I just hope after I have published this story, that the family find peace and justice, as they prepare to bury their baby boy. That is all that matters, and far as the rioters and looters, they will get what is truly coming to them. Because it is no longer about them, R.I.P, Michael Brown.God bless your soul.

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