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St. Louis police fatally shot a looter who begged to be shot

Protesting the police in Ferguson
Protesting the police in Ferguson
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

This morning was one of the most intense days of confrontation between the Ferguson Police Dept. and protesters since the shooting death of Michael Brown 10 days ago. Protesters were ordered to end their protest at sundown and to continue walking as they protested. As the sun went down last night, the town of Ferguson, Missouri became a militarized zone with tanks and armored vehicles patroling the streets and police arresting 78 protesters in the process.

An unidentified 23-year-old African-American was fatally shot by two St. Louis police officers as he approached them with a knike shouting, "Shoot me now, kill me now." According to eyewitness accounts, the young man had just looted some energy drinks from a nearby convenience store and then returned to grab some pastries. The manager of the store called 911 and the police responded very quickly.

The suspect reached into his wasteband and weilded a knike and began to approach the officers. After he got within four feet of the officers two of them opened fire fatally wounding the suspect. This is the first recorded death of anyone during the protest despite continued shooting and throwing of molotov cocktails at police officers every day of the protests with the excetion on last Thursday when Ron Johnson was placed in charge the security effort in Ferguson.

Autopsy results were released yesterday indicating that Brown had been shot 6 times by officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Police Dept. The family of Brown along with civil rights activist have demanded that Wilson be arrested and charged for the shooting death of Brown without delay. They are also requesting that a special prosecutor be appointed to handle the case against Wilson because of biases that has been displayed already in the case. Not only by the prosecutor's office but by the police deptartment as well.

The District Attorney for St. Louis County, Robert McColloch announced today that he will be presenting evidence to a grand jury as early as tomorrow. This according to the Brown family would be a first step in bringing about a sense of calm in the city of Ferguson.

The funeral service for Brown has been scheuled for Monday.

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