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St. Louis cop placed on leave for speech slamming 'undocumented president' Obama

On Saturday, USA Today reported that Dan Page, an officer with the St. Louis County police department, was placed on administrative leave after video emerged of a speech he gave calling Barack Obama an "undocumented president" from Kenya. He also railed against what he called the "black-robed perverts" of the U.S. Supreme Court and affirmative action laws.

CNN gets revenge on officer who pushed Don Lemon.
Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,” Page said. “That doesn’t mean affirmative action.”

Revenge may have played a role in the tape's release. According to USA Today, Page shoved CNN host Don Lemon during live coverage from Ferguson last Monday. CNN then dug up the video and contacted the police department on Friday. Lemon personally sent the link of Page's speech, Mediaite said.

USA Today said Page, a retired Army sergeant major, told the Oath Keepers that America faces grave danger from those targeting Christians and the Bill of Rights. He also suggested that Islam will be the evil force driving the apocalypse, citing verses from the Bible. The entire hour-long speech can be seen in the video above.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said he immediately placed Page on administrative leave. Page will also undergo a psychological evaluation and be subjected to an internal affairs investigation, The Blaze said. Belmar said the segments where Page spoke about killing prompted him to take action.

"I don't legally have the authority to fire an individual like that," Belmar said. "I will tell you that if he were a probationary officer, he would not (have the latitude of an investigation) and I would have fired him an hour and a half ago."

Belmar also apologized for Page's remarks. While groveling before Lemon, Belmar said that as a police chief, it's "embarrassing when you find out about stuff like this."

When asked if Page’s comments adhere to the department’s code of conduct, Belmar told Lemon, “Not at all. They are not indicative of the St. Louis County police department, they’re not indicative of the officers that he works beside, and frankly, he’s let them down.”

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