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St. Louis: 250th anniversary and the Campbell House Museum

Heading to St. Louis? Then this year is definitely a good time to do so. That's because it's the 250th Anniversary of the city. Who knew it was even that old? Well, the old girl is doing well and is looking mighty fine. And this year, there will be celebrations galore, so don't miss them.

St. Louis: 250th anniversary and the Campbell House Museum
St. Louis: 250th anniversary and the Campbell House Museum
Campbell House Museum
Campbell House Museum
Campbell House Museum

One place you'll definitely want to check out on any trip here is the Campbell House Museum. You'll find it nestled amidst modern office buildings and huge skyscrapers and lofts, but make no mistake, the Campbell House Museum holds its own and is actually the best-preserved home from the Civil War days in the city of St. Louis.

It once was part of the highly-sought-after Lucas Place neighborhood.

And in case you are wondering who the Campbells were, they were the original owners of the home from 1854 to 1938. An Irish immigrant, Campbell found his fame and fortune in the fur trade in America.

Washington Irving even said of Campbell:

"His exploits partake of the wildest spirt of romance. No danger or difficulty can appall him."

Once he started doing well in the fur trade, Robert Campbell went on to build a network of different industries. Those included: the fur trade, steamboasts, banks, dry goods and real estate. He was even important in helping build the city of Kansas, Missouri.

Robert and his wife, Virginia, had 13 children but alas 10 of them died before the age of 8. The last child, a son, had a mental illness and passed away at home.

Still the memories of the family live on in the house and it was opened to the public as a museum in 1943. You can admire the Campbell's collections of furniture, fixtures, paintings, objects and family documents. There's even a photo album with pictures of the home as it originally was.

These photos helped to guide the workers when the house was being restored to its original greatness. The full restoration took five years. We know from some of the documents found in the home that visitors to the house included President Ulysses S. Gtrant, General William Tecumseh Sherman and Sioux Chieftain Red Cloud.

Don't miss the beautiful Campbell House Museum, one of the best things to see in St. Louis. The museum charges $7 admission and there is free parking next to the museum at the YMCA.

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