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St.Jude community tries to cope after devastating landslide

In the small close-knit town of St.Jude, Quebec the community is trying to come to grips with the unspeakable tragedy.

Flowers lie at the site of the Prefontaine home. Richard Prefontaine, his wife Line Charbonneau, and their children Amelie, 12, and Anais, 9 were killed after a massive landslide buried their home while they sat in the basement watching a hockey game.

Their horrible, unspeakable death has devastated this small town 75 kilometers south east of Montreal.

The doors of a local church are opened to all and people have been walking trough, searching solace.

At the school the girls attended, Aux Quatre-Vents students and staff  were trying to find ways understand what had happened. Psychologists have been called in to help the students cope with the loss. 

On Thursday, 
Quebec's Public Security Minister Jacques Dupuis met with residents there to reassure them that officials are working to ensure they are safe in the wake of a fatal landslide.

"There are many people in the community who are worried," said Dupuis. "I want to say that we are here … to support them."

Government officials are inspecting homes and properties to ensure there is no danger of another landslide, the minister said.

The province's civil security officials said it could take up to a year before a road that passed through the area can be rebuilt.

Inspectors have been surveying the area to make sure to other house is built on land that could potentially collapse.

Meanwhile officials say planned celebrations for the town's 175th anniversary are planned to go on as scheduled.

At a time like this, the community must come together said one city official.