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St. Joseph Mercy Health System offering a family fitness and food class

Healthy food, happy families
Healthy food, happy families
AP Photo/California Avocado Commission

Mark your calendars for this upcoming family fitness event in Ann Arbor.  St. Joseph Mercy Health System is teaming up with the Ann Arbor Recreation and Education department to offer a "Family Fun With Food And Fitness" class on March 16th from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

The class is a workshop geared for parents and children ages 5-16 years old.  It will feature strategies for preparing healthy meals, ideas for family exercise, and tips for enhancing family communication and relationships.  The class winds down with a breakout session for parents to learn more about family dynamics while the children enjoy some physical activity.  At the conclusion of the evening, everyone will rejoin to prepare and eat a healthy meal together!  The course is taught by a registered dietitian and a social worker.

Costs for the workshop is $25 for two parents and their family and includes the meal and class materials. 

If interested, head over to the Ann Arbor Recreation and Education department website and register.  For further information, call (734) 994-2300 extension 53248.

Sign up for this fantastic family fitness event today!