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St. Joseph day is on March 19

St. Joseph is the foster father of Jesus.

St. Joseph is the role model for all fathers. March 19 is the feast day for St. Joseph. He is the foster father to Jesus Christ and loyal husband to Mary.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot not known about St. Joseph. One thing we know for sure is he took on the responsibility of being a guardian and protector of Jesus and Mary. He came from the House of David. Despite its royal name, St. Joseph lived a plain life as a carpenter.

Learning of Mary's pregnancy couldn't have been easy for St. Joseph. He was engaged to marry her and knew the baby wasn't his. However, he trusted Mary and lived Jesus. He protected them both in the most difficult of circumstances.

St. Joseph lived most of his life at Nazareth. The Bible doesn't say anything about when or how St. Joseph died. It's speculated that he died prior to the public life of Jesus.

Feast Day: March 19

Known for: Husband to Mary - Foster father to Jesus Christ - Carpenter

Symbols: Bible, branch, capenter's square, carpenter's tools, chalice, cross, hand tools, infant Jesus, ladder, lamb, lily, monstrance, old man holding a lily and a carpenter's tool such as a square, old man holding the infant Jesus, plane, rod.

Patron: Against doubt, Americas, California, Belgium, Bohemia, cabinetmakers, Canada, carpenters, China, craftsmen, dying people, emigrants, engineers, expectant mothers, fathers, holy death, house hunters Korea, people who fight Communism, Peru, pioneers, pregnant women, protection of the Church; Diocese of San Jose, California; social justice, travelers, unborn children and many more.

St. Joseph has two feast days. March 19 celebrates his life and his work of redemption. May 1 celebrates the patron side of him as a workman striving for equal norms and social order.

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