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St Charles Bridge: A bridge to a different era

Prague at night
Prague at night
photo by Suzy Keller

Prague is the most popular tourist destination in Eastern Europe. The city suffered relatively little structural damage during WWII and so much of the city has remained intact. With some of the most spectacular architecture, Prague is a modern day medieval city.

In the city’s center is the St Charles Bridge. The bridge is over 600 years old. Other than by boat, it was the only way to cross the river for nearly five centuries. The bridge is lined with statues of saints, 30 in all. It connects the old town with the castle district.

A visit to the St Charles Bridge today is crowded with musicians, painters, merchants, and tourists. There are many remarkable sites to see in Prague and, while it is a necessity to cross the St Charles Bridge to get between tourist destinations, the bridge is in itself an amazing site. Prague is truly a glimpse into a different era.