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2014 Winter Olympics

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St. Basil’s Cathedral highlighted at Olympics Opening Ceremony (photos)

Olympics Opening Ceremony  in Sochi
Olympics Opening Ceremony in Sochi
Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

If viewers were imagining that they were standing outside of St. Basil’s Cathedral on Friday watching the Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony, the organizers of the event probably were delighted to hear it as the architecture of the spirals were represented at the show. The presentation of the opening ceremony was a historical look into Russia and her countrymen with St. Basil’s Cathedral marching in shortly after the performance started. According to the New York Times, it took seven years for the perfect performance at the Sochi event.

The gigantic inflatable spires, just like seem at St. Basil’s Cathedral dancing onto the stage along with a number of other pieces for the segment One of the most color parts of the show, it was a moment when the piece of the Moscow history was eventually seen as it came together to be the iconic location in Moscow.

One of the most colorful parts of the show, it offered a chance to see the Russian life in a very musical way. One of the moments seen by the viewers was a tribute to “Maslenitsa’’ and another portion other offered a colorful street circus. All of the elements hinged heavily on religious and folk holidays that are celebrated in Russia.

Take a look at the photo slideshow of the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

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