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St. Augustine Interact Club of Kindness

It's spreading, it's contagious and it's viral!

Interact Club of Kindness with National Bullying Prevention Expert Dr. Michele Borba


Bullying and cyberbullying is a topic we are all too familiar with. Experts agree the way to combat this negative behavior is to instill empathy and kindness into our schools, our children and even adults.

It starts from the top, parents, teachers and others that are role models need to remember that their online and off actions are being monitored and witnessed by young eyes.

As a parent the reflection of how you treat others, from the carpool line to your phone conversations, will be a direct indication of how your child will treat their friends.

Keep that in mind as you are losing your temper at a red-light or behind someone not going the speed limit.

Our children are sponges, and today it is not only out of their mouths, it goes on to their social media sites which means it lives on forever and rarely forgotten.

St. Augustine High School Interact Club of Kindness recently attended the Community Empowerment Series where they were inspired by Dr. Michele Borba to take their club to the next level. Dr. Borba was extremely impressed with these students and right away noticed that they "got it."

#iCANHELP Campaign, which started out of Byron, California, is spreading across the country and is part of the kindness that we are seeing in Florida. Watch their latest video -- Will you answer the call for kindness?

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