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St. Agatha Catholic Academy, An Excellent Choice For Your Child

Father Dowling And Student Of St. Agatha
Father Dowling And Student Of St. Agatha
Photo Courtesy Of Creative Commons

Finding a school for your child that will provide them with the fundementals of life can be quite a challenge. You as a parent, want to make sure that the school that you select for your child has the perfect setting---from the teachers to the curriculum and the basis of it's mission---the most important thing is your child and their education. Statistically, many of the schools that reside in urban areas are known for it's low test scores but as well, the lack of quality as it pertains to it's staff, and this is where you as a parent must draw the line in order to make sure that your child will receive the best education in order to become a productive citizen, but most importantly a great value system must be put in place and morals that will help to contribute a wealth of knowledge to their community, nation, and world. This is where St. Agatha comes in, building a faith based understanding of life in order to set in place those values and morals.

St. Agatha has been serving the West side of Chicago since 1897 and she is still standing strong in order to help the youth in the community where she lies. Father Dowling who has been the Pastor and spiritual leader for St. Agatha for 4 1/2 years says "St. Agatha is a great choice because we have teachers who are creative, that are involved with the children, and embrace the mission." The student teacher ratio at St. Agatha is 1 teacher to about every 15 students, but 20 at the very most, which according to the National Center For Education, this ratio is used to determine the quality of the school and how it's students are learning. The Catholic Academy also has longer school days, has a unique curriculum which includes art, choir, drumming and dance, and parents are able to make arrangement to bring their child in at 6:30 AM according to their needs. Father Dowling wants to remind all who considers St. Agatha that the staff of St. Agatha take on a holistic approach when it comes to teaching each child. And to prove this to you it is a know fact that 95% of children who attend Catholic schools go on to high and graduate from high school, and 87% who graduate from high school go to college, St. Agatha is in those numbers.

St. Agatha Catholic Academy starts at the age of three, which permits children from pre-k on in to the eighth grade, and Father Dowling wants to let every parent know that if you want your child to have a quality education, St. Agatha is willing to work with your budget. The most important attribute that one must have before enrolling into St. Agatha, is that the parent and the child must be in alignment with the mission of the school, and that is based on the moral standards and values that will allow for the staff of St. Agatha to teach your child how to be a productive citizen and add only greatness to his or her community and world. The doors of St. Agatha are currently open for new enrollment and on Thursday August 4th, from 6 PM thru 7:30 PM there will be an open house at St. Agatha which is located at the corner of Douglas and Kedzie on the West side of Chicago in order for the community to come out and find out more information about what St. Agatha has to offer your child. There will be refreshments served, and there will also be a raffle that will allow for the winner to receive 25% off of their child's tuition. So, if you are looking to have your child to be taught in a holistic way, come out a join the Staff of St. Agatha at their open house and enroll your child today.

If you are not able to make the open house and would like to find out more information about what St. Agatha can offer you and your child please call Principal Patricia Williams at 773-762-1809 or walk in to the office at 3151 W. Douglas Blvd. St. Agatha's website address is