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Sri Lankan president dissolves parliament

President Mahinda Rajapaksa, 4 February 2010
President Rajapaksa dissolved the Sri Lankan Parliment today  Photo: AP

After winning re-election Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa had his opponent, General Sarath Fonseka's headquarters surrounded by the military.  On Monday, the president called for the arrest of Fonseka, for what he called aims at overthrowing the Rajapaksa government.

In another sweeping move today, President Rajapaksa dissolved the Sri Lankan Parliment.

"The president dissolves the parliament with effect from midnight today," a senior official was quoted as saying.

Such actions are of course drawing great criticism.  Opposition leaders claim that the president is engaging in a witch-hunt aimed at anyone who may challenge the legitimacy of the elections, and have called for protests on Wednesday to demonstrate against the governments actions.

Announcing the dissolution of parliament, presidential spokesman Lucien Rajakarunanayake said it was up to the elections commissioner to decide dates for the parliamentary vote.

Surely the people of Sri Lanka deserve better than what they are being given by President Rajapaksa.  After suffering through a 25 year civil war with the Tamil Tiger terror group, which ended earlier this year with the surrender of the Tamil Tiger leadership, Sri Lanka finds itself again in turmoil with a president that seems to have dictatorial aspirations.

Certainly, the West should condemn the presidents actions and push for peace in Sri Lanka.


  • Boondocks 5 years ago

    If you ask me, the US and UN need to publicly acknowledge him as a threat to international security, nationally recognize the legitimacy of the Tamil Tiger movement, and help fund and arm the movement with new high tech weaponry and training. That way we can completely re-destabilize this absolutely inconsequential little island that doesn't seem to have any international importance whatsoever.

    Who's with me!?

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