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Squirrel selfie goes awry: Teen drops and rolls to get squirrel out of shirt

A squirrel selfie turned into a fiasco for a 17-year-old Auburn, Maine teen who was on a trip touring colleges in Florida. Taking in the sights while visiting the various colleges, Brian Genest came across a squirrel sitting on a hand rail at a park. Selfies being all the rage today, Brian thought a selfie next to this squirrel would make a cool picture.

Squirrel selfie, isn't as simple as a teen from Maine thought. The squirrel was startled by the phone camera flash and jumped under the teen's shirt.
YouTube screen shot

According to CBS News on May 1, this attempted selfie did made make a cool picture, but not in the way Brian planned. It was the pictures his mother captured of the squirrel with her son that really made some fantastic visuals. When Brian first approached the squirrel making clicking sounds, the squirrel seemed comfortable with him coming closer.

When the teen came in closer so his face and the squirrel would appear in the selfie, the squirrel was still operating on what looked like a decent level of comfort. It wasn't until the squirrel experienced the noise of the camera phone and the flash that its comfort level was obliterated, according to Fox News.

The now startled squirrel jumped on Brian's back and under his T-shirt. The teen told the media that the squirrel happened to attach himself on his back to that one spot you can't reach with your hands.

Not knowing what else to do, Brian dropped down on the ground like he was on fire and rolled. That was enough to scare the squirrel out from under his shirt and send him scurrying away.

Besides Brian getting that selfie, his mom was able to capture pictures of Brian doing what looked like a dance along the park trail while trying to get the squirrel off his back. His mom, Paula Wright, was happy to post Brian's squirrel encounter to Instagram, including the selfie that he paid for with some sweat and certainly a bit of fear.

The good news is that Brian and the squirrel both emerged from their encounter unscathed. Brian learned a lesson and most likely so did the inquisitive squirrel. His mom said that Brian learned the squirrel is "not really its buddy." The squirrel will most likely avoid humans making clicking sounds and sticking their smiling face up close!

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