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Squirrel blamed for $300K in damage to community center ahead of opening

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Thanks to a squirrel, a community center in Fort Wayne, Ind. sustained $300,000 in damage. According to project officials, the McMillen Community Center was undergoing long-overdue renovations and the company charged with the multi-million makeover is racing to make repairs from the squirrel's damage before the opening date less than two months away, citing an April 11 report from The Indy Channel.

Check out the video above and watch a squirrel try to bury a nut inside the fur of a very large dog that gives a puzzled look to his furry friend. It gives you an idea of just how industrious the bushy-tailed mammals can be.

The $300,000 in damage was caused when an errant squirrel accessed the center's electrical and HVAC systems. Somehow, the animal gained entry into the closed systems, made contact, and caused a catastrophic short-circuits. All told, the boiler and air conditioning system bore the brunt of damage to the center at McMillen Park.

The Journal Gazette wrote that the center has been closed since 2009 and recent appropriations have been approved to reopen the facility by June 7. Plans call for an indoor track, a soccer field, and multiple rooms that will host basketball activities.

Costs for renovation total nearly $2 million. Insurance will cover the cost to make repairs, but with $300,000 in damage by the squirrel; it creates a financial burden to the project. Moreover, the $50,000 deductible that must be paid out of the project’s budget doesn't make matters easier. Who knew such a tiny creature could cause so much damage?

Sadly, the little culprit died; it was electrocuted when it came into contact with the electrical wiring. The squirrel tried to chew through the wiring when it received a fatal surge.



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