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Squirrel causes $300K in damage, takes out new electrical system

A little squirrel caused a massive $300,000 in damage at a new community center.
WikiMedia Commons

A squirrel caused $300,000 in damage at a new community center when the critter got into the electrical system and sparked a massive power surge, the Journal Gazette reported on April 11.

The squirrel that caused the $300K in damage did not survive the incident.

The squirrel incident may have seemed like a joke when it made headlines — after all, it happened on April Fool’s Day. But to local residents and authorities, the $300K in damages was a shocking discovery.

While it may seem strange that a little squirrel could cause $300K in damages, it happened through a series of unfortunate events.

First, the squirrel somehow got into the electrical system of the new McMillen Community Center in Fort Wayne, Ind. Then the squirrel set off a massive power surge. The power surge fried three new HVAC systems in the community center and damaged some parts of the boiler system, amounting to about $300K in damage.

The Fort Wayne center had been set to open on June 7 before the wayward squirrel triggered the electrical outage and the massive damage. But Parks Director Parks Director Al Moll said the $300K in damage will be covered by insurance, except for the department’s $50,000 deductible.

And workers are now rushing to make repairs to the damage inflicted by the squirrel in the hopes that the community center can still open as scheduled.

The new community center is part of a $1.9 million project to transform an old ice rink into a community center with basketball and soccer courts, an indoor track and other rooms intended for youths and seniors alike, the Inquisitr reported.

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