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Squirrel causes $300K damage in Fort Wayne community center

Squirrel blamed for damages of $300K in Fort Wayne community center
Squirrel blamed for damages of $300K in Fort Wayne community center
Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

It is incredibly strange to hear, but a squirrel has been blamed for $300,000 in damage at a community center in Fort Wayne, Ind. according to an April 11 The Indy Channel report. It honestly seems almost impossible for something as small as a squirrel to cause such a major amount of damage. Unfortunately, the ornery squirrel got into the center's electrical equipment and wrecked havoc to the tune of $300,000.

This new community center in Fort Wayne was slated to open in June, but it seems that the squirrel may leave residents waiting a bit longer to enjoy the new facility unless repairs are completed in time for the June 7, 2014 opening date. Even sadder, the squirrel died in the power surge that also damaged air conditioning and some of the center's boiler system.

Some good news is that the new construction was protected by insurance, so all the damages will be covered after the park's department covers the $50,000 deductible. Even so, $50,000 is quite a bit of extra money to squeeze out of what is likely an already tight budget. Of course, the entire project cost $2 million, so perhaps this $50,000 deductible will not be devastating to the center's future.

The building that the squirrel caused $300,000 in damage to was actually the old McMillen Ice Arena. The arena is being turned into a community center featuring an indoor track, basketball courts, and plenty of other activities for the community to enjoy. Thank goodness the wayward squirrel did not cause any more damage because something like this could have rendered the entire building unusable if it were worse.

The building was last used in 2009, and the company that installed the air conditioning system hopes to have the squirrel's mess repaired in time for the new community center to open as scheduled. Of course, if there ends up being a delay, the squirrel is to blame.