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Squirrel $300K damage: Destructive solo squirrel racks up $300K in damage

A squirrel loose inside of an Indiana building caused $300K in damage.

A squirrel’s $300K damage bill is nearing rock-star smash up proportions, but this was not a carousing band of rabble-rousing, metal mayhem hair rockers, this was just a wayward squirrel, alone inside of an eastern Indiana community center. For all of this solo squirrel’s hard slog however, he didn’t even make it until morning.

The Associated Press reported on April 12 that a squirrel maneuvered himself into the electrical closet of the community center in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which is still under construction and set to open in June. Parks Department officials said the building, located in McMillen Park on Hessen Cassel Road, had over $300,000 in damages. Officials found the squirrel dead inside.

The woodland creature’s mishap actually occurred on April 1, but there was no cruel joke here. Power surges damaged the heating and air conditioning systems, and the squirrel ended up fried.

Reports the Inquisitr: "A $1.9 million project at the renovated complex in McMillen Park is transforming the a ice rink into a community center with basketball and soccer courts, an indoor track and other rooms intended for youth and seniors alike."

Parks Director Al Moll said the damage caused by the errant squirrel will be covered by insurance – minus a whopping $50,000 deductible.

Two other bizarre squirrel stories have been in the news lately.

In Tennessee, an idiotic cop was sacked for macing and shooting at a squirrel inside a Dollar General store.

A cop and a squirrel – Not exactly an even match. Add in the elements of mace, a handgun and a dollar store. Now we’ve got the elements for an old fashion shootout at the $1 dollar corral. The resulting standoff between a Tennessee police officer and a determined squirrel ended up with the squirrel making his escape and the cop in the unemployment line.

We’ve also recently seen some viral video of "Tippy" the fainting squirrely, whose odd fainting spells captured on video became an Internet sensation. The viral video of the black squirrel going about his nut-gathering business and repeatedly collapsing on his side was equal parts comical and peculiar.

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