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'Squids Odyssey' Preview: Better than before

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A smash hit on the mobile gaming scene for years, the Game Bakers’ offering of the Squids series on the Wii U, “Squids: Odyssey,” takes full advantage of a home console by offering even better visuals, while coupling the series’ trademark fun story and intuitive control.

For those who enjoyed the series on their phones, “Squids Odyssey” takes all the fun from the original game and the sequel, “Squids: Wild West” and adds extra levels and improved visuals, making it a trip that you’ll definitely want to experience again. Gamers not familiar with the series will find it a challenging turn-based Strategy/RPG with elements of some of your games.

At the same time, the way you get around the screen in the “Squids” series is its most redeemable quality. Pulling and flinging your characters across the screen, “Squids” is never a chore. Power-ups and travel tricks make an already cool concept that much more endearing. The fact that the game feels so similar on the Wii U proves that independent games the likes of “Squids” definitely have a home on the Wii U and 3DS. Simply put, “Squids” is a series that may be simple in premise, but with flawless execution and a narrative that would be perfect for a kids cartoon or a comic, it’s one of a kind.

Speaking of the story, it’s is easy to jump into- our squid friends must fend off an evil force bent on destroying their world. The hallmark of any memorable RPG experience, “Squids” features a cast of characters that are quirky, fun and have a soul. None of them feel like throwaway characters that could easily be replaced. For that reason, you’ll feel forced to continuing playing, even when the game gets more difficult.

“Squids Odyssey” is currently available on the Nintendo Wii U, with a 3DS/2DS version shipping later this year.


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