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SQUID BALM: Hand-crafted soaps for every day skin care

Lemondrop Exfoliator with label
Lemondrop Exfoliator with label
Deborah Wallace and Eryka Rangel

LA dwellers are all too familiar with harmful fumes and toxins that creep up and leave their marks all over exposed skin surfaces. Time to scrub away all the dirt that builds up during the day. The pick for this season: Squid Balm’s hand-crafted soaps.
Squid Balm’s bar soaps consist of pure vegetables, fruit and seed oils. Some of the soaps contain avocado oil while others do not. Avocado oil has some notable skin benefits. The oil contains sterolin and antioxidants, which helps in preserving youthful skin and slows down the aging process. Collagen production also increases, which also reverses signs of aging. Others soaps are olive oil based. While olive oil has anti-aging effects, it is also an excellent moisturizer. For those with sensitive or dry skin, the olive oil infused soaps might be worth the try. Currently, Squid Balm has decided to no longer use Palm oil and is testing out the development with its newest soaps which include Lemon Drop Exfoliator, Ginger Fig Exfoliator, Summer Melon, Banana Cream Pie, Apples& Honey, and Lemongrass Green Tea.
Since these are solid soaps, they do not contain preservatives. In a concentrated form, the bars of soap are not distilled with water like certain liquid soaps. Therefore, a very little amount is actually needed. Whenever possible the line tries to use only organic versions of oils and other ingredients in trace amounts. Sqiud Balm is also very economical and green in its presentation. All paper wrapping and labels for the soaps are from recycled paper. Very compact packaging means less material is wasted.
I had the opportunity to try five different types of soaps: Rosemary Eucalyptus with olive oil, Lemon Drop Exfoliator with olive oil, Honey Ginger with olive oil, Honeysuckle with avocado oil, and Pomegranate Bliss with avocado oil. Since I do not have dry skin, I did not note any differences between the avocado oil based soaps from the more moisture providing olive oil based soaps. While the Lemon Drop Exfoliator has a new formula that does not contain palm oil, I wanted to check for myself if this soap worked just as good as the others. After a month of steady use of the other soaps, I switched to the Lemon Drop Exfoliator. I believe the effects were the same with the Lemon Drop Exfoliator: all soaps leave the skin cleaner, softer, smoother, and brighter. Lather up with just the soap before rinsing with water. Observant eyes will notice the small amount needed to achieve good skincare. One of the best traits about Squid Balm soaps is the scents. I simply adore all of the fragrance oils for their relaxing effect around “me” time. The true “green” quality of the soaps soon becomes evident. It is like entering a garden with fresh fruits, flowers and herbs. All the fragrance oils are phthalate-free, yet another green quality of the Squid Balm bar soaps. There are only two cautions worth mentioning. Keep the soap away from wet spaces after the showers- it maintains the soap in a sturdy and manageable form. Also, be careful around the eyes. Natural products can irritate sensitive eyes.
Squid Balm contains many lines of products including soaps, shampoos, conditioners and lotions. The brand is certified as vegan by It is also certified as cruelty-free by PETA and Leaping Bunny. The line is nut-free and anhydrous (does not use water). To add color, the line uses botanicals. It does not contain synthetic colors or other harmful colorants. Finally, the line is silicone and sulfate free.
Check out the website for Squid Balm’s soothing soaps, and share your opinions!

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