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Squaw Valley carbon neutral at U.S. Alpine Championships

Great skiing at Squaw Valley
Great skiing at Squaw Valley
Squaw PR/Hank deVry

Squaw Valley will be carbon neutral at the Nature Valley U.S. Alpine Championships, according to Amelia Richmond and Melissa Brouse, the PR team at Squaw and Alpine Meadows.

The races started on Wednesday, March 19, and will conclude on Sunday, March 23. This will be the second year in a row that Squaw has managed to present a carbon neutral event.

It's no small feat. The resort expended a great deal of research and effort to do so. According to Richmond and Brouse,

"Using data from the 2013 event and detailed analysis of the projected attendance for this year, Squaw Valley was able to forecast the amount of CO2 emissions the four day event would produce. The resort, in a partnership with the Sierra Business Council, purchased carbon offset credits through the Climate Action Reserve which will be used to support energy efficiency and sustainability projects throughout the state of California."

Andy Wirth, Ppesident and CEO of Squaw and Alpine Meadows, had this to say:

“At Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, we are committed to being responsible environmental stewards, and we hope our actions inspire our guests and members of the community to evaluate their own impact on the environment and advocate for addressing climate change at a regional, national, and global level. We know the region's success is dependent on our dedication to protecting this special mountain environment, and we strive to be environmental pacesetters for the Lake Tahoe region.”

The effort is paying off, and leads the way for other resorts to follow. Protecting the Lake Tahoe Basin environment is a complex and ongoing effort by many organizations.

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows have consistently adopted technologies that lessen the impact of the resorts on the environment. Protecting the area's natural resources is always on the front burner for the resorts.

They have made lighting upgrades, adopted better building management systems and recapture waste heat as much as is currently possible. Recycling is ongoing, as is the quest to continue to make strides for efficiency.

In 2013 Squaw Valley installed electric car charging stations, the first California ski resort to do so.

There is still time to make it to the championships. Go early, as the weekends tend to be a bit crowded. Reports from the event are clear: it's well worth it.

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