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Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows spinning 22 lifts after 5 1/2 feet of new snow

Heading up for a day in the powder.
Heading up for a day in the powder.
Squaw PR/Jeff Engerbretsen

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows opened today with "...15 lifts at Squaw, and 7 at Alpine Meadows...", taking skiers up the mountain, according to a press release from Amelia Richmond and Melissa Brouse who are the PR team at the resorts.

Making a path in the snow.
Squaw PR/Jeff Engerbretson

The press release today, February 10, follows a day when the resort was closed due to very stormy conditions. Avalanche danger and winds shut everything down. Today more than made up for the closure on Sunday.

"The storm that rolled through Lake Tahoe at the end of last week and through the weekend brought 68 inches or over 5 ½ feet of snow to Squaw Valley and 63 inches to Alpine Meadows. The new snow has created a great base at both resorts and will allow both mountains to open new terrain this week", according to Richmond and Brouse.

New lifts will be spinning as well, as stated by Richmond and Brouse: "New lifts slated to run this week for the first time this season include Solitude chairlift at Squaw Valley, and Scott chair and Lake View at Alpine Meadows. Siberia Express is also slated to reopen at Squaw Valley starting Tuesday." That is great news for skiers and riders who are in the more advanced categories. That sort of terrain has been hard to come by up until now.

While that much snow is great, it puts the resorts in a full on push to get everything cleaned up and ready for the snow crowd. Returning skiers had nothing but praise for the conditions.

Skiing at Squaw or Alpine Meadows is fantastic anytime.

What makes it even better is when there aren't huge crowds. Imagine launching off the top of the Shirley Lake Express with just a couple of other skiers or riders. Siberia Express, with just you and your friends, feels like it's your own personal trail at your own personal resort.

With the conditions as good as they are, the number of skiers and riders is likely to increase quite a bit by the weekend. Take advantage of mid-week skiing, and find out what "epic" means.

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