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Square One Organic Vodka rises to the taste challenge

Mix it up..
Mix it up..
Square One Organic Vodka

In 2002, unwitting audiences witnessed the rise and fall of Firefly; the best television show to not catch on since The Brady Brides. This clever, entertaining cult-favorite survives in the hearts of a dedicated few, though it's loss has cost us as a culture.

With a similar lack of focus and commitment, by a society that treats its precious resources as entitlements, Square One Organic Vodka is experiencing a similar level of under appreciation. Square One Organic Spirits has survived nearly a decade by being an exceptional and contentious company, with an incredible product line. With even an iota of public awareness, then dedication, Square One will withstand the capricious malaise that cost Nathan Fillion his deserved shot at superstar-dom. Who's Nathan Fillion? That's exactly the point.

The solution is simple. Go get yourself a bottle of Square One. Afraid to commit? Of course you are. This is even easier, and suits our culture perfectly: click on one of the Square One Organic Spirits social media pages. There you may marvel in the splendor of the many wonderful Square One varieties, and yes, there are occasionally pics of adorable kittens. Interact with true, dedicated members of the Square One family, as we did, and get an instantaneous cocktail recipe for your inquiry about sage:

Mixologist Jonathan Pogash's cucumber cocktail creation with fresh sage (Campbell Apartment Terrace, Midtown East, NY):

1 oz. Square One Cucumber
1/2 oz. St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
1/2 oz. pineapple juice
2 sage leaves (one to muddle, one for garnish)
Madagascar vanilla bean cane sugar for glass rim
Muddle 1 sage leaf gently, so as just to bruise it. Add remaining ingredients and ice. Shake well. Rim 1/2 of a chilled martini glass with Madagascar vanilla bean cane sugar, and strain cocktail into the glass. Garnish with a floating sage leaf.

Reach out to Square One. Try Square One. For all that is sacred in this world, help Square One thrive. Sure the SyFy Channel sometimes runs a Firefly marathon, but it's usually on Memorial Day when you should be out doing something else anyway. This is a chance to take control of your own destiny and do some good, the way Malcolm Reynolds would.

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