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Square hires former Amazon and Microsoft engineer Alyssa Henry

Ms. Henry at the web2.0 summit in 2011
Ms. Henry at the web2.0 summit in 2011

After 19 years of working for both Seattle-based Amazon and Redmond-based Microsoft, Alyssa Henry is leaving the confines of Washington State. She is taking her well honed engineering skills and head to San Francisco where she will be joining the team at Square, according to a press release.

“Making technology simple is a fun challenge because it requires tackling massive complexity,” Alyssa Henry said in the press releas. “I’ve spent the last 7 years building simple, reliable, and cost-effective services that help entrepreneurs scale their business. I’m super excited to join the team at Square because local sellers deserve access to the same tools and opportunities to grow.”

Of the 19 years that Ms. Henry spent the last 7 of those years working on Amazon's web services (AWS) where she had worked her way up to a vice presidency. Before that Ms. Henry spent 12 years working a variety of engineering jobs at Redmond-based Microsoft that included everything from databases to customer service software.

Square is a 5 year-old company that provides a quick and easy way for business and individuals to take credit card payments for their products. Just simply download the app, create an account and plug the card reader into your Apple or android-based mobile device.

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