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Square Enix to release Final Fantasy VII remake

Sephiroth, Cloud and Aeris will return to consoles and PCs next month. Square Enix, formerly SquareSoft, will release a remake of its classic role playing game.

The original game took advantage of the capabilities of the newly released Playstation console. It was the first Final Fantasy Title that was not designed to be played on Nintendo hardware.

The plot, story and other elements of the game remain intact. Cloud’s emo attitudes do not change. Aeris maintains her upbeat positive attitude, and Barrett is someone most people would not want to meet in a dark alley. All of this takes place against a backdrop with updated graphics and a careless corporation.

PC gamers do not need to buy the newst Playstation console to experience the remake. They need to download the game from Steam. True fans can watch a fireworks display while they wait for their computer to download the game.

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