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Square Enix talks about why 'Murdered: Soul Suspect' does not have multiplayer

Square Enix talks about why Murdered: Soul Suspect does not have multiplayer
Square Enix

Murdered: Soul Suspect will be coming to the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and PC later this spring and it has largely been one of the most top billed games of the early part of year. Examiner has sat down with members of the development team from Airtight Games to talk about all manner of things that have to do with the game, and today we talked exclusively with Square Enix’s Naoto Sugiyama who is the executive producer for this title.

Sugiyama was asked about whether or not Murdered: Soul Suspect was going to be bringing a multi-player aspect to the title and unsurprisingly he answered it would not. “Murdered is a single player only game,” Sugiyama said, “our aspiration has always been presenting a great narrative experience around solving your own murder.”

Playing as Ronan O’Connor, players have indeed been killed by a masked figure who throws O’Connor out a window and then shoots him seven times in the chest. Ronan, who was a detective when he was alive, awakens to find he is now a spirit, who must find out what happened to and who pulled off the deadly deed.

That storyline doesn’t seem to present itself much room for a multiplayer experience. There is another character in the game that plays a key role in solving the crime, but it makes more sense to have her as an NPC.

Having said that, there is some question about the pressures out there for video game companies to find a way to get multiplayer functionality into every title. Still, Sugiyama believes most get why Soul Suspect is single player only. “I think everybody understands not every game benefits a lot from adding a multiplayer component.” He said.

The executive producer added that he thinks, “Many multiplayer fans would still want to take a break occasionally and enjoy being absorbed into single player experiences.”

Murdered: Soul Suspect will allow players that “break” on the PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC when it releases on June 3.

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