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Square Enix: 'Dragon Quest' could return to PlayStation; pledges Vita support

The iconic Slime monster of the Dragon Quest series.
The iconic Slime monster of the Dragon Quest series.
Photo courtesy of Flickr, used with permission

Thursday saw Japanese game publisher Square Enix consider a return to the "Dragon Quest" series on PlayStation consoles, along with pledging support to the PS Vita.

According to Dualshockers, at the Square Enix Investors Meeting held in Tokyo, "Dragon Quest" executive producer Yuu Miyake said the series could once again appear on PlayStation systems. Miyake explained the "Dragon Quest" games have appeared on multiple consoles, so the next installment arriving on PS3 or PS4 isn't out of the question. However, Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda told everyone at the meeting to be patient and wait for future announcements on the issue. In early June, "Dragon Quest" series creator Yuji Horii said he would love to develop the next game for the "big screen," canceling out handhelds and mobile. And back in November of last year, Japanese gamers polled by the Weekly ASCII said they would love the next "Dragon Quest" game to appear on the PS4.

Square Enix was also quoted in saying they will show more support for the Vita. "Our games are very compatible with Vita. We will make more Vita games," the publisher said, according to Game Revolutions. Square Enix had released the "Final Fantasy X/X2 HD" for the Vita in May, along with a PS3 version. However, the HD remake of the PSP title, "Final Fantasy Type-0," not launching on Vita in favor of and Xbox One and PS4 release left Vita owners disgruntled. The announcement was made even worse when the Official PlayStation blog originally announced the "Final Fantasy" game on the Vita, before correcting itself.

Perhaps Square Enix came make it up to them with the Vita games the company has planned for the future? Either way, it seems the Japanese branch of Square Enix will support Sony and its gaming platforms, outside of "Final Fantasy XIV" and "Kingdom Hearts III."