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Square Enix announces 'Final Fantasy Agito' for iOS and Android in North America

It's a localization announcement that many "Final Fantasy" fans have been anxiously pondering over since the release of the Japanese version last month: Would "Final Fantasy Agito" be getting a North American release as well? Well, it's official! Square Enix made the announcement on June 7 on their blog that the free-to-play role-playing title will indeed see a release on iOS and Android mobile gaming platforms stateside.

Final Fantasy Agito will be getting released on iOS and Android in North America.
Final Fantasy Agito will be getting released on iOS and Android in North America.
Photo courtesy of Square Enix, used with permission

"Agito" is set is the same universe as "Final Fantasy Type-0", which was originally titled as the first "Agito" and was part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis subseries that included such titles as "Final Fantasy XIII" and "Final Fantasy Versus XIII" (since retitled as "Final Fantasy XV" for the PlayStation 4.) The currently titled “Agito” is free-to-play with premium items available for in-app purchases.

“Final Fantasy Agito” revolves around the world of Orience, where Akademeia cadets in the Dominion of Rubrum band together to complete missions and strive to become Agito, a savior of prophecy in Orience whose goal is to prevent world destruction. Players will see the world of Orience through the eyes of one such cadet, who is fully customizable from gender, facial features and hairstyles, all the way down to equipment. Players can ride Chocobos and are always accompanied by a Moogle, and in-game time is synchronized to real-time, making for side-quests and missions that can only be accomplished depending on the day of the week.

Alongside the news of the “Agito” North American localization comes the news via the “Agito” trailer that, due to overwhelming fan response, “Final Fantasy Type-0” will also be getting an HD localization sometime soon for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One home consoles.

While neither game currently has an official release date, the fact that they will actually be coming stateside is worth celebrating in and of itself. Here’s hoping that more unlocalized “Final Fantasy” titles may be on the way. “Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII” would be a nice one to finally see!