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Squadron of angry birds knock truck driver unconscious

Channelview - They were small with a beady eye on either side of their heads and legs as skinny as spaghetti, but armed with sharp beaks and tiny wings - there was strength in numbers.

Like a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds a gaggle of them strafed a 200-plus-pound truck driver leaving him unconscious and bleeding from a gash in his face and missing a tooth.

The bloody attack by seemingly innocuous little birds took place on May 1 in Channelview, Texas. Friday, KHOU 11 News released frightening video of the terrified grizzled truck driver running for his life with a squadron of smallish, disheveled birds in hot pursuit.

The vicious avian assault was only one of such bird attacks at the location but it was the most severe in that that Benny Hines was knocked down and rendered unconscious and suffered a gash that required stitches besides losing a tooth.

Hines was in the parking lot of the Chrome Shop, a local business that stocks accessories for 18-wheelers, when the bloody assault occurred.“I took off my cap and started waving them away. All of a sudden it was more than one bird. The more I tried to fight them off, the worse it got. It was like why were they after me, you know?" the veteran trucker told KHOU 11 News after doctors closed his wound with stitches.

Shop owner Lonny Seigler seemed at a loss to explain the angry bird phenomenon, however he was able to provide security video showing the driver hysterically waving his hat in the air as the birds knock him to the pavement.

“We got some kamikaze birds…He was running, I mean running…All of a sudden that bird hits him, and he went flying,” said Seigler.

Another witness, Jennifer Zavala, described the unprovoked drubbing by multiple birds saying, “he had open gash wounds, bloody. It’s awful.”

While the event left many wondering how many other birds in the region might be contemplating similar assaults, others believe the diminutive winged warriors were simply Mama birds protecting their young.

The latter explanation would make sense since a spring chick was seen running across the parking lot earlier in the day, its spindle legs blurred by speed with wings not ready for flight.

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