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Spurs keep streaking to top as 76ers streak one step away from history

Spurs, Leonard keep winning while 76ers keep losing
Spurs, Leonard keep winning while 76ers keep losing
AFP/D Clarke Evans/NBAE via Getty Images

The Philadelphia 76ers and San Antonio Spurs are polar opposites in many ways. While the Sixers and Spurs do share Philadelphia coach Brett Brown in common, their legacies are a far different matter. Right now, the four-time champion Spurs are gearing up for another title run, while the Sixers gear up for NBA infamy -- which San Antonio got them closer to by giving them a 25'th straight loss on March 24.

The Spurs won their 14'th straight game in the meantime, as they didn't need to break a sweat in a 113-91 victory. Given that Tony Parker was out, as well as how San Antonio didn't need to make much of an effort, perhaps Philadelphia thought it would catch a break. Or perhaps it hoped maybe Spurs coach Gregg Popovich would take it easy on former assistant turned Sixers' coach Brown.

None of that came to pass, as the Spurs went up early and stayed up. Six Sixers scored in double figures, but all it got the team was a 40 percent shooting percentage, while the Spurs made 55.7 percent of their shots. Parker's absence meant little once San Antonio got 22 points from Austin Daye -- on the strength of six three-pointers -- along with 19 from Tim Duncan and 15 from Kawhi Leonard.

One team from Texas brought Philadelphia closer to the NBA's longest losing streak, and another can put it in a tie next. It is now up to the Houston Rockets to help the Sixers enter the record books on March 27, although they are an easier opponent only by default.

Like the Spurs, the Rockets are fighting to secure their place among the top four in the Western Conference, which would make a loss to the Sixers humiliating and costly. San Antonio kept a two-game lead for the top seed out West by taking care of business, while Houston is looking to just keep the fourth seed at the worst.

Unless either the Spurs or Rockets win the title, however, they won't be remembered for their success as much as the Sixers will be remembered for their lack of it. With just two more losses, no one will ever forget Philadelphia's failures, at least until another team loses more than 27 straight games -- if that's indeed what it would take to break the new record.

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