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Spurs and Holland beat down foes in same week

It is easy to assume that the NBA Finals is pretty much over and everyone should just turn their focus completely on the world cup and watch eventful filled games after games, seeing how futbol fans around the world really cheer and pull their entire existence into their teams. The San Antoine Spurs have not really shocked the world but instead are doing what they ought to have accomplished last year, putting the Miami Heat to rest but instead giving them life in game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals. Payback however, is in full effect and the Spurs are demolishing the Miami Heat, blowing them out every game just about. Sports writers and watchers around the world, especially here in the States, where basketball is a marginalized religion, compared to futbol, are seeing Duncan, Parker, and Ginobli for the true legends they are. With the rise of Leonard on the Finals scene, no hope same to lie for the Heat, as they are furnishing in their own flames.

Miami Heat and Spain suffer to their foes-slide0
Spurs and Holland beat down foes, coker george

While in Brazil as the world cup Kicks off, just as the Heat are experiencing the worst beat down of the franchise history in the Finals, former world cup winners of the most recent world cup 2010, Spain have experienced the same fate as their counterpart Heat, as they too beat down Holland in the Finals of the 2010 championship match, by a mere margin. The Spaniards experienced an humiliating route by Holland in the first match of their group. Awarded a penalty Kick, when Deigo Costa when down in the Box, the Dutch went down 1 nail but rebounded in a masterful way, with a stella diving header by Van Persie, a goal that would never be forgotten, maybe the goal so far of the tournament, which then opened the flood gates, with Holland pouring four more on Spain. From the looks of the match, the Dutch could have easily given the Spaniards 8 or 9 goals, giving Spain the worst spanking they have received in modern day futbol on the international level. Ruben and RVP played as the legendary Dutch stars as they are, completely overshadowing the legacy of the likes of Inesta, Alonso, and Xavi, and the entire Spanish crew.

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