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Spuds is pub food with Tex Mex flair


When one goes to Spuds Bar & Grill, 1810 Henderson Rd. right next to the Sears Hardware on Henderson and Reed Rd., keep in mind that this is more of an adult crowd, yet the staff is very open to patrons of all ages. No need to leave the family behind. They have various nightly activities, such as euchre and karaoke.

Spuds burrito with green chili
Mark Winters

The place is not large and seating around the bar, which gives the best television viewing, is at a premium, especially during highly prominent sports events. But even at the tables and booths, the renovated big screens completely suffice, you just might have to turn your head occassionally. This is an Ohio State support center. During most big Buckeye games, there will be free wings, meatballs, sloppy joes, etc. along with whatever some of the regulars might have brought in for the occasion. Given the generosity of the drinks being poured and the more than reasonable prices, this would be a perfect time to stop by and test the waters for those not familiar with the place.

Do not let any free food get in the way of exploring the menu. The fish and chips are a personal favorite with four aptly battered cod fillets which meld nicely with the vinegar and tartar sauce along with thick, crispy outside, tender inside fries which beg for your choice of condiment. Onion rings are a rare treat as are the nachos. But most people order the burritos. You have your choice of typical fillings, beans, beef, chicken, etc. but my advice would be to get whatever you choose with the green chili as opposed to the red sauce.  The heat varies as it properly should in accordance with the heat of the chilis they've received as opposed to something microwaved from a can. Though not on the menu any longer, they will also make a very good green chili cheeseburger if asked, something very lacking in the Columbus market. They have very good daily specials, such as chicken fried steak with corn and mashed potatos on Fridays. However, don't expect them to last long. Normally the specials are gone by two o'clock or so.  

Spuds is one of those places easily passed by unless you know what you're doing. However, resist the temptation to pull into the brightly lit chain restaurants perched right on the edge of Henderson Rd and give your tex mex palate a treat. Drive just behind them into the strip center where an unlikely looking local favorite offers some of the best green chili in Columbus.


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