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Spruce up your monotonous sex life with wife sharing

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Men have a tendency to fantasize a lot about their sex life. In fact, various studies have shown that an average man thinks about his sexual desires 500 times more than an average woman. There’s no second doubt that at some point of time, men and women, both start looking for alternate sexual partners, but when it comes to commitment like marriage, alternate sexual partners can become a great deal of concern for most couples. This is the reason a growing number of young and middle-aged married adults look for ways to infidelity, which often becomes the major cause of increasing number of divorces. Read more"[Is it normal to fantasize about sharing your girlfriend with other guys?]

If you don’t love your family, it is absolutely fine to go out, have fun and get divorced when your wife gets to know about it. But the fact is that a divorce is really a devastating situation for everyone who is involved and if you are someone who loves his wife, but just cant seem to get over his needs of exciting and adventurous sexual life, then swinging lifestyle or wife sharing can be the right path for you to choose. In this, you’ll need to understand the sexual needs of your wife and convince her about nothing being wrong about being a part of this tremendously increasing culture. But, before you get on with it, it is important to know that you should be prepared and aware of the whole concept of wife-sharing. It’s all about sharing each other’s sexual needs, putting them on a platter, and doing things with each other’s consent. This will not just save your marriage from turning into a routine, but also ensure that both of you are able to make the most of your private time by exploring unexplored experiences and adventures.

What Is Wife Sharing All About?

Wife sharing is not something to feel disgust about. A lot of men are closed minded and think that sharing their wife with other men is more like a sin. If you’ll keep your senses open and mind broad, you will realize that it is one of those things that you desire to spruce up your sex life, the only difference is that you involve your wife in it, who may be equally passionate about her sexual desires. Since infidelity can kill any relationship, it is always better to communicate each other’s sexual fantasies and explore them together, in the presence of other couples sharing same interest.

If you and your wife are looking forward to add some spice in your monotonous sex routine, swinging lifestyle can help you kill the boredom in your marriage. It is a best way to prevent couples crossing their limits in relationship and choose the path of infidelity. It is much better to communicate, accept the reality and participate in all kinds of sexual adventures without making your relationship suffocated.

Apart from just wife sharing, swinging lifestyle includes threesomes, same voyeurism, foursomes, same room sex, gay sex and so on. You can try as many variations as you like, depending upon the comfort of your wife and couples you are involved with.

Who Should Adopt It?

Married couples, who have outgrown their sexual adventures with each other, can adopt this lifestyle. Remember, it is very important to be liberated and curious in life to be able to make most of this experience. If you and your wife are ready to include other members in your bedroom scenarios, it’s better to have it together and with each other’s consent. It is one of the best ways to explore sexual fantasies while maintaining fidelity in marriage. For most couples, it also works as a way to strengthen their relationship bond and take it to another level. Adopting a swinging lifestyle can also encourage mutual admiration and acceptance for each other. Read more:[Five major tips for first time swingers]

Best part is that it is not at all difficult to adopt swinging lifestyle, if both the partners are prepared to do so. Make sure you know about each other’s sexual fantasies and understand them. Wife sharing is a fun and exciting way for any couple who truly want to enjoy their life.

So what are you waiting for? Strike a conversation with your wife and see if she is willing to contribute in making your sexual desires come true. It is the best you can do to prevent cheating. Read more:[Swinging vs. cheating, which sounds better?]