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Spruce up for Spring- Easy Affordable tips

Crisp, fresh colors
Crisp, fresh colors

Springtime in the Rockies!

Brighten up your space!

Spring is a time for newness, change and revitalization. Don't we all feel a sense of relief when the winter passes and we begin to see color again?  Bring that freshness inside with a few easy, affordable tips that you can do yourself.

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to add color and spruce up your space is with pillows.  You will notice the stores are full of colorful pillows with fun designs, patterns and textures!  And bright colors!  Be a little brave and go for that fun floral in bright green, sky blue and red.  You can expect to pay $7 to $60, you decide what you feel is worth it.  One of my favorite places to look for pillows is Homegoods on Powers and North Carefree (next to Target).  Another great place is Pier1 at various locations around town.  They happen to have an extensive selection of pillows in really great colors and styles!  They hit it on the head for the season's hot picks.  And while you are there, check out the drapery panels.  Find some new curtains to match the pillows you are buying.  Easy, quick and affordable.  

Another way to spruce up for Spring: Paint your walls.  If you are not into color on your walls, buy a fresh clean neutral color, maybe accent one or two walls in your home with a subtle color and then add the bright colors with the pillows, new linens and new bedding.  My favorite resource for paint is Sherwin Williams.  They have a fantastic website that allows you to see the paint colors in a room scene and they group complimentary colors together for you.  No guesswork!  And on top of that, they have a quality paint product at reasonable prices and experts in the store that will help you with your project.

Clean your rugs and buy new florals!  Some of the most overlooked design elements in your home are the dirty, dusty area rugs and the outdated, dingy floral arrangement from 1989.  You might be surprised to see that your area rug used to be brighter in color!  You can rent a carpet cleaner from King Soopers or call a professional who can clean your rugs and your sofa as well!  And as far as florals go, if you have silk trees and bushes, buy a couple cans of Silk Plant Cleaner from Hobby Lobby and spray the dust away.  This really is effective and it repels future dust.  This can be used on your existing floral arrangements, however, flowers are indicative of the times.  No more over sized, elaborate arrangements.  2010 calls for simple, elegant and unusual.  Shop the 50% off sales at Hobby Lobby and design your own or select one of their pre-arranged florals.

So there you have it!  These small steps can make a huge impact.  Now go open your windows, dust those blinds and implement some of the ideas above!  Happy Spring!!



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