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Spritz app to change the future of reading

The future of reading!
The future of reading!

Spritz, the new speed-reading app is the talk of the town! Spritz, is an app made to enhance one’s reading abilities. Reading books and articles in digital is a recent discovery and fast trend that has swept the world. However, it seems that this concept has evolved into the next stage—speed-reading.

“The technology is based around Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP), a concept that dates back to the 1970s and was later used to improve reading efficiency through programs such as speed-reading courses.”

The concept behind Spritz is that it shows a single word in a flash and allows the mind to read and understand what it’s reading without realizing it’s in fact reading as quick as it is.

The company says, “Traditional reading on a page or screen allows your eyes to move along the page word by word, understanding the entire sentence.”

This concept is called "Optimal Recognition Point or ORP.” Spirtz is also convinced that by reading this way you’re on igniting an “80-20 rule,” meaning 80% of your time is utilized on moving your eyes back and forth while only 20% understands the content being read.

What Spritz is trying to accomplish is "redicle". This method shows a reader one word at a time, with a 13-character maximum, the highest word length a person’s eyes can focus on at a time. This method will give one’s eyes a rest in order to read faster, comprehend easier, and overall understand what’s being read without outside distractions or wasting time trying to focus.

Spritz says, “It takes five minutes to train yourself to adapt to the rhythm and once that's done, you can read at speeds of up to 500 words a minute. It claims some early users are reaching speeds of 1000 words per minute.”

This technology is supposed to launch alongside Samsung's new S5 Smartphone and Gear 2. Developers have yet to set a release date for the app.

This app could very well change the future of reading.

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