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Spritz app lets you read an entire novel in a couple hours

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Julienne Lin

Spritz, a speed-reading technology, is releasing with the new Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch and Galaxy S5 smartphone. Spritz was created by a Boston startup and uses text streaming technology in order to ease and enhance the experience of speed-reading. The company has been laying low for the past 3 years but is now going public with wearable technology that Samsung revealed at Mobile World Congress.

Reading is time consuming because of the way our eye movements take in words. According to Spritz, we move our eyes from word to word and sentence to sentence. Spritz manipulates the format of text so that they are aligned with the eye’s natural motion of reading. The technology does this by identifying the “Optimal Recognition Point” (ORP), which is the precise point where our brain deciphers each group of letters. Spritz turns the ORP of each word by making the letter red and displays the letters at the same space on the screen, thus allowing our eyes to stay put as the words move for us. In this way we are able to process information faster rather than spending the time to decipher each word.

The technology can extend beyond reading books or articles into photos, maps, videos and websites. Although these types of reading techniques have been invented in the past, referred to as “rapid serial visual presentation” (RSVP), Spritz said that their differentiating factor is the fact that they’ve based the technology on re-analysis that is tailored specifically to reading and consuming content on mobile devices.

Users can choose their speed reading rates from a range of 100 to 1,000 words per minute. Intrigue has definitely built as Spritz shared that some of their readers are “spritzing” at 1,000 words per minute, allowing people to finish an entire novel within a matter of hours. You can test out Spritz now by visiting their website and clicking on the button “click to spritz.” It will display text in a box where you can choose your wpm.

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