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Sprititual Awareness With Eyes Wide Open

Many people practice yoga and meditation with their eyes closed. But one can not walk through life with their eyes closed or they will walk into a wall or into the path of a car. There is a particular sensation of a meditative quality when one practices yoga or meditates with their eyes closed. But this can be a false feeling of peace and calm.

In Zen they emphasize meditating with one’s eyes wide open while spreading out one’s vision as wide as possible. This helps to bring up energy and keep a certain intensity that helps to keep one awake during long drawn out meditation sits.

The focus of Zen meditation is to bring one deeper into the moment as its roots are from martial arts and in combat the moment you are in might be the last one you experience. That is the focus and intensity of Zen as in relation to meditation. How to bring the focus and intensity of being in a combat situation deeper and deeper into one’s body and bring that kind of feeling into everyday life.

The spiritual path never ends- rather just when it seems to get easier or lighter a new twist is turned, new corner rounded and the spiritual practitioner finds himself or herself facing a deeper or darker part of their ego then they had previously faced. Letting go is not easy, in fact it is downright terrifying at times.

Personally I let go of a lot when I moved out to Colorado from Illinois back in the summer of 2008. I have had non-stop learning opportunities from the Universe since I moved out here. Things have not fared well for me out here yet. I am grateful for the fact I have had some kind of job or another but I have been barely hanging on and holding on. I have had no choice but to re-evaluate so much of my personality and how I present myself to the world and how I see myself.

The gap between what I am doing and what I want to do: have my own meditation and yoga center are very far apart for me at this time in this life. It is not easy to start from scratch when one has no money and no backers. Everywhere I have looked so far has been a dead end. But other doors do open it is just a matter of finding the next door to look through.

Looking into one’s internal mirror daily can be a very scary thing. I know it took me many years to be able to look into a physical mirror and say “I love you” to myself. I know people who cannot do that. In turn I also know others who have walked through life with a conscious awareness of the spiritual path and have had no problems no obstacles come up in their way. I think that is wonderful and am happy for them. To them I say you are lucky. But just because you have financial or material success does not mean you are done…no you are just on a plateau. The path never end it keeps on going on and on just like energy never dies it just changes forms.

I have always taken the lone warrior path in life. I am a very sociable person and have a great sense of humor, but when it comes to developing of the individual self I take that more serious than anything else. I know I get in my way at times and know I stop myself to some degree. I just do not know where to turn next.

I also know I am better than my low self esteem tells me at times. I also know I am not the end all be all in this world and will always have a lot of emotional growing too do. I constantly work on bridging these gaps. What I strive for and how I am…well it is a big part of my individual destiny to bridge the gap that resides in-between.

We all need to find out what the root of this life is, what our purpose is this time around. The Universe has been very patient with us humans no matter how much we take advantage of this world we live in and of each other. But something has to change. Something is about to change in a big way whether we want it to or not. It is as if life has been in a slow cooker, well now the top is about to shoot right off. Life is at a critical stage. We need to re-identify why we are here. We are NOT here to just use up the resources of this planet. We ARE here to find out what our true nature is and once we have found it how to have it affect how we treat ourselves, each other and the planet we live on.

You can go about it with your eyes open or closed. That is not just in meditation but life in general. I believe most do go through life with their eyes closed, missing the hidden meaning of life that is right in front of us. You either walk the spiritual path intentionally or you get walked down the spiritual path by life.

There has to be yin for there to be yang. That is there is always going to be good and bad, positive and negative. The truth of our existence resides in-between the two, somewhere hidden within plain sight but out of our logical mind and reasoning.


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