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Sprinkles cupcake ATM debuts in NYC: Offers fresh baked cupcakes 24-hours a day

Sprinkles, the cupcake ATM, has made a big hit in other cities around the nation and is now open in NYC. Tuesday the hot pink cupcake ATM opened at 780 Lexington Ave, according to The New York Daily News on March 25.

Sprinkles, the new cupcake ATM in NYC, opened Tuesday.
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The cupcake ATM dispenses freshly baked cupcakes 24-hours a day. The ATM is a hit in Beverly Hills, Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta, so the Big Apple was next in line. The bakery that the machine is attached to is open 12-hours a day, but the bakers are there around the clock, so the machine will always be stocked with fresh baked cupcakes.

The cupcake ATM can dispense four cupcakes at once, with each costing $4.25. The machine also has cookies and doggie cupcakes. This is a great idea for getting a snack on the run. When folks talk of cupcakes these days, they are different than the ones you bake at home.

The cupcake has evolved into a bigger product and much pride is put into the cupcake making in NYC. The ATM is a bit different than the bank ATMs, as there is not a banker behind the machine counting out the money. At a cupcake ATM, there is a baker or two behind the machine baking the fresh cupcakes and you get to taste the fresh harvest!

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