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Springtime Severe Thunderstorms on the Way - Winter is Over

It looks like there are no signs of snow left in the computer models for the Upstate of South Carolina or Northeast Georgia.  Snow is still a possibility into April for the mountains of western North Carolina though. 

A line of thunderstorms looks possible Friday afternoon and evening over northern Georgia, western North Carolina and the Upstate of South Carolina.  Some of these storms may produce strong winds and hail.  This doesn't look like a big tornado producer, but the potential is there for some big hail and strong winds as the line of storms moves through.  The only saving grace will be if the cool wedge of air east of the mountains stays in place and stabilizes the atmosphere enough to weaken the thunderstorms.  That looks possible, but not likely right now so be ready to hear some thunder Friday.

In other news, February was very slow for tornadoes.  In fact we had the fewest tornadoes ever during February with only 1 reported in the U.S. on the last day in California of all places.  March becomes much more active, particularly in the South, and we are seeing the beginnings of that with tornadoes in OK yesterday and around Little Rock tonight.  Make sure you have a plan in place for where you would seek safe shelter in the event a tornado warning is issued and purchase a NOAA weather radio if you don't already have one.  It is a lifesaver at night.   This year's severe weather may be active with the El Nino pattern we have been in, and March-May are our peak months for tornadoes around Greenville.

Finally, Accuweather has released their hurricane forecast for this year (see link below), and it is not pretty.  Above average activity and intensity is predicted this year.  We lucked out last year, but this year looks ominous.  I hope our coastal neighbors are prepared!  For us that means possible tornadoes and flooding rains as the remnants for these storms move through our part of the state later this summer and fall.  Keep an eye on this, and I will provide updates.  For now, enjoy the rain and prepare for the potential for thunderstorms Friday.


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