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Springtime barbecue recipes and how to prepare your grill

It's time for barbecue season!
It's time for barbecue season!
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The weather is warm and the sunshine is out! It's time for the grill to come out too!

To prepare your grill for the season, be sure to:

  • Take the racks out of the grill and clean them. You can spray with oven cleaner and allow to soak for 30 minutes, or soak in a large pan of soap and warm water, depending on how dirty your racks are. Then use a steel wool sponge to remove the grit off of the grill racks. Rinse and allow to dry, then replace in your grill.
  • While the racks are soaking and drying, empty the inside of your grill of any charcoal, ashes, and debris. Wash down the inside and outside of your grill with soap and warm water, allowing it to soak and/or using oven cleaner as needed.
  • Check your grill hoses and connections for any wear and tear or rusted parts that may have a leak. Also check for any missing parts. Replace parts as necessary.

Now that your grill is ready to use for another season, here are a few ideas of what to grill to get you started!

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Knoxvillians: This month the Culinary Institute at UT will offer a barbecue series of classes. Two classes will be featured, "Grillin' n Chillin'" on May 5, 12, and 19 for $156, and "Food Smoking 101" on May 26 and June 2 for $99. All classes will be held from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Call 865-974-0250 to register.

My own grill is out and ready for the warm season! Stay tuned for more barbecue recipes for the grill! Don't miss a thing! Subscribe above to receive free e-mail alerts when new Knoxville Food Examiner recipes and articles are published!


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