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Springs of Living Water!”(Revelation 7:17)

Springs of Living Water!”(Revelation 7:17)
Springs of Living Water!”(Revelation 7:17)

For the Lamb at the center of the throne
will be their shepherd;
‘he will lead them to springs of living water.’[a]
‘And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.’[b]”(Revelation 7:17)

Living beings have the need for physical water. Water nourishes life and is a daily necessity. Animals in human care are given their water. Owners providing for their thirsty animals are doing right by showing care for them. Sheep are such an animal that is often led by people. A shepherd looks out for their needs like protection and food. Shepherds lead them to a spring to satisfy the need for water.

God cares for all that He has made. He is involved in providing for needs. The most important is the spiritual need for a relationship with Him. Sin creates a spiritual thirst. God has given spiritual living water to quench it. God’s people are led to receive spiritual nourishment through His Son, Jesus.

Jesus leads as the Chief Shepherd. His leadership shows believers the way to the springs of living water that lead to eternal life. Abundance of life is poured into their hearts and minds. The Holy Bible, the Word of God, facilitates essential elements needed in the quest to quench the spiritual thirst in the relationship with Jesus. The relationship is to last throughout eternity.

A result of drinking from the “springs of living water” is comfort. God comforts and encourages the believer. He has promised to wipe away pain and sorrow even tears. Believers have now and forever the promises of peace like a river given by God. Peace comes from trusting and believing. One must appropriate the living water and receive God’s care for them. It is by faith in God.

Believer, you are being led by Jesus, the Chief Shepherd, to the springs of living water. God is giving His Holy Spirit with the fruit of peace and calmness. He comforts. Eternity has promised no pain, trouble, or tears. God is the promise keeper and will carry out His word to you.