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Springfield Olympians

The Winter Olympics are over. These games may not have generated much excitement in the Christian community. It has for some in spite of the fact that these athletic events took place around the world in Sochi, Russia. In Springfield, Missouri the clamor over winter sports is often minimal. This year we have two Olympians with ties to the Queen City of the Ozarks.

Mediacom Ice Rink in Springfield,MO
Chuck Kensinger

Emily Scott competed in speed skating and began her skating career as an inline skater in Springfield. She was a world champion on the hardwood but knew that Olympic Gold would elude her because the only speed skating in the Olympics was ice skating. She began her training at the Jordan Valley Ice Park, now named after Mediacom.

Her family joined her in Russia thanks to the generosity of people around the world who have donated to pay for their expenses. While the U.S. Olympic Committee raised money to send the athletes, the families were on their own. While she did not medal in any of her events, they are proud of her as all should be.

Another more well known former Springfield skater is Gracie Gold. Figure skating is her passion. She won many U.S. competitions and won bronze in the team figure skating. While her individual efforts left her short of a medal she did finish forth.

Winning is the only outcome that many believe is worth the effort. Competing for the pleasure of the sport is most important. There is only one Gold medal for each event but just as each athlete trains for their sport every athlete was a winner for qualifying for the Olympics in their country. Thank you Gracie and Emily for giving us Springfieldians heroes to support,


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