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Springfield Elementary third' grade's annual South Carolina Day

Basket making in Ms. Lahmeyer's room.
Basket making in Ms. Lahmeyer's room.
Marcene Adkins Cornwell

Third graders of Springfield Elementary had their annual South Carolina Day on September 13, 2010. Each teacher had a different activity in their classroom.

In Mrs. Vallotton's classroom, there was a big floor map of South Carolina that was borrowed from the Gibbs Museum. The third graders located roads, transportation, agriculture, and minerals of South Carolina. They also located major cities and discussed tourism, which is very important to the economy of the Low Country.

Ms. Lahmeyer read the book A Sweet, Sweet Basket to the students. While the students were in Ms. Lozier's classroom, she helped the students make Sweet Grass Roses, a great tradition passed down through many generations.

In Mrs. Hardeman's classroom, the students made relief maps of South Carolina's regions using grits, rice, cornstarch, clay, and clean cat litter.

In Ms. Gilden's room, the students made a booklet about South Carolina Symbols.

The students and teachers had a great time celebrating South Carolina Day!


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