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Springfield AMBER Alert ends in horror

AMBER Alert ends in Horror
AMBER Alert ends in Horror

On Tuesday, an AMBER Alert was issued for Hailey Owens, 10 after she went missing following an abduction early evening. The incident occurred in Springfield, Missouri around 5:00 p.m., and reportedly by the Green County Sheriff's Department, Craig M. Wood, 45 kidnapped Hailey by pulling her into his truck before driving away. According to witness reports, at the time of the incident, a man in a late model, gold Ford Ranger drove around the 3200 block of West Lombard Street several times prior to approaching Hailey just a few blocks from her home. Supposedly, Hailey ignored the man several times but eventually walked up to the vehicle. At which point, Wood grabbed Hailey. A neighbor, Carlos Edwards witnessed the incident and ran on foot after the truck to get the license plate. Several witnesses reports helped police to quickly identify the suspect as Craig M. Wood. An AMBER Alert was alerted to several states; Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

It was later discovered that Wood has been an employee at a Springfield Public School since 1988 where he worked as an athletic coach at Pleasant View K-8 School. Sadly, Hailey was murdered. An arrest warrant was issued for Wood and he faces 1st-Degree Murder charges. Apparently, Wood returned to his home just as the police were conducting a search of his residence. Wood was arrested as a person of interest around 8:30 p.m. The AMBER Alert led to a manhunt and investigation by over 100 law enforcement officers including sheriffs, police and FBI.. Hailey's body was found at Wood's home. The cause of death (C.O.D.) is unknown at this time pending an autopsy.

Apparently, Wood is uncooperative with law enforcement and there is no reason for the motive.