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Spring wines to welcome in the season

We are all tired of winter, and the few peeks of spring have been great so far. Here are some wines to help you embrace the season in a fresh way!

  1. Pink wine - The Languedoc-Ruissillon region of France boasts some great pink wines, like the Grenache Blanc. These are softer counterparts to the heavy reds of winter, and perfect add-ons for spring cooking.
  2. Lighter Reds - This week I turned back to Pinot Noir and Merlots as my choice wine for restaurants. They are lighter and more fruity, reminding you of all the spring fruits to come. I especially love Oregon Pinot Noirs, always a delicious choice for any day of the year.
  3. Floral Whites - Go for a French Vouvray or Viognier, as opposed to your heavy Chardonnay. These floral wines can remind you of spring blooms, and are a refreshing start to the season.
  4. Experiment with Cocktails - Spring brings new and fresh cocktails to every menu, so indulge in a passionfruit mimosa or a cilantro lime ricky, to freshen up your tastebuds.

Hope you enjoy these fresh drinks on the next warm day, or even before, as it's never too late to welcome in the spring.


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