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Spring will soon be in bloom


It may be rainy in Southern California, but rest assure Spring is on it's way. This year fashion reports  floral sun dresses and solid bright colored garments to be in style along side neutral earth tones which is something we don't see very often for Spring collections. With such a broad spectrum of fashion forward  colors, textures, and prints Spring makeup is to be soft, neutral, and clean (think Nicole Kidman).

To get your skin ready for a clean glowing makeup look for Spring 2010 exfoliation is going to be key; shedding your "winter coat" to reveal fresh glowing skin is simple and for around $3 you can give yourself that fresh glow each day with a pair of exfoliating mitts which are widely available in most drug and variety stores. Each day in the morning while washing your face wear the mitts to shed away old dry skin cells to reveal a much healthier looking complexion. After washing make sure to follow up your regimen with a good spf 15 or higher moisturizer.

To tie your makeup together with your wardrobe make sure you don't over do it. Makeup this Spring will be simple, instead of foundation use a spot concealer on blemishes and dark circles followed by a tinted moisturizer. If your skin is excessively oily you can use a translucent loose powder over your face with a large soft bristled face brush to take away extra shine in your T-Zone. Follow up with a nice pink blush (for pale skin), or a dusty rose (for darker skin tones) a pastel eye shadow on your lids only followed by a clean none clumping mascara. For lips you can use a high shine clear gloss, or you can add some color with a tinted pink, peach, or sheer red gloss. This will give you a glowing clean perfection for your Spring 2010 makeup look.

Rain or shine Spring 2010 will bring around a look and sense of clean healthy living not only with your makeup but also your wardrobe; so take it up a notch and add in a morning jog a few days a week or a gym aerobics class every once and a while followed by a few healthy meals to complete the overall feeling and wellness look for Spring.

Some healthy produce to enjoy in the spring include Apricots, Arugula, Cherries (late Spring), carrots and beets. All of these produce choices are rich in vitamins and antioxidants which not only help boost your immune system, but also help nourish your skin. Check out some of your favorite recipe books or websites for recipes including Spring produce.


  • Loy 5 years ago

    My face could certainly use the exfoliating mitts!! Thanks for the tip!

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