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Spring: Why "the chase" is fun (and worth it)

Know what you like
Know what you like
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Spring time is the time for a renewal of spirit and attitude. I've come up with a few ideas why Love is worth chasing and why never giving up on finding that special some one to feel all flirty and comfy with is always worth it.


Who doesn't love it when they get asked what their preference is? Our insecurities might have us believe that we have little choice as to who we can date, but the truth is, all you have to do is decide which qualities that you would like in a companion and then go out to find that person! If you keep a mental list of less than ten characteristics that are most important to you (that have no glaring contradictions to them), it will make deciding much easier. With more awareness about what you want, you'll find that "pruning" down dates becomes more about getting closer to what you desire, and less about being "disappointed" in people. Dates can now start to have that exciting "chase" effect that we all just kind of like. Admit it.

It's fun, isn't it?

The Chase (of course)

Should I say more? The heart of all romantic attraction somehow naturally resides in the same part of us that loves running, laughing and mystery. Springtime is a great time to surprise the person you're interested in and "chase" them with a little wit. Having a good time at a festival or outdoor gathering is never as easy, as it is in Spring.


When you have indeed found that great person to a relationship with, you also get the quaint satisfaction knowing that your actions didn't have go in a straight line or have to obey all rules like some kind of "attainment." In the end, you just used the fun loving spirit of Spring to make a connection.

This year, take advantage of that natural instinct in all of use and go after exactly what you're attracted to. Trying new approaches to life is what makes living so great!

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