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Spring vacation: Travel to the Midwest

National Road-Zane Grey Museum
National Road-Zane Grey Museum
James George

This week, Arlington Outdoors is on vacation, traveling westward to the home state of Ohio. Along the way, we are stopping by places where my pioneer ancestors once settled. Maternal ancestors first settled in Virginia in the 1600’s, and eventually some made it to Ohio. Paternal ancestors landed in Chester, Pennsylvania and migrated to north central Ohio. They got there by ox drawn wagons, horseback, and by foot. How they drove over those mountains and navigated all of those waterways is miraculous. On this Memorial Day weekend, I visited my WWII veteran Dad and my brother-in-law and his family who live in the happiest suburb in America. That’s right, it is #1 among the “happiest,” as my niece, Carrie shared the story. They can attribute that to golfer Jack Nicklaus, as he surely put Dublin, Ohio on the map.

Driving by Maryland farm country
James George

Two out of 10 “happiest” suburbs are in Ohio.

“These Are The 10 Happiest Suburbs In America

Your face probably hurts from grinning all the time if you live in one of these supremely smiley suburbs.

Laura Allan

Are you happy where you’re living? There’s nothing quite so satisfying as enjoying life and being content with where you are. Some of the best places to achieve this aspect of the American Dream are in suburbs, not surprisingly, but which places bring locals the most joy?

After determining the happiest mid-sized cities earlier this year, the Movoto Real Estate Blog decided the time was right to rank the 10 happiest suburbs in the nation—places that can be measured in smiles just as easily as miles. Once our happy task was complete, we concluded that these are the most content ‘burbs in the country:

1. Dublin, OH
2. Fishers, IN
3. Germantown, TN
4. Carmel, IN
5. Newton, MA (tie)
5. Apex, NC (tie)
7. Cupertino, CA (tie)
7. Westerville, OH (tie)
9. Papillion, NE
10. Cary, NC”

Along the way, we stopped by one of my favorite spots, the National Road and Zane Grey Museum that is supported by John and Annie Glenn who live in New Concord, Ohio.

See the slideshow. The museum celebrates the building of the National Road, US Route 40. it features Ohio pottery, and a host of historic vehicles. The museum managers wanted to be sure to tell folks about the Mount Vernon Bridge that is now restored and on display here. They have an excellent library where you can purchase historic books by Zane Grey.

See the slideshow.

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