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Spring up

For me spring means a lot more than rainy days and Easter. My life is always changing. I set goals for myself every single day. If that goal is not met I like to analyze what I did wrong to not achieve that certain goal.

I know every persons schedule is different, and that is a give in. There are ways to get around laziness due to fatigue without a red bull. There are ways to get around your crunch schedule and this is the time to set your goal.

This is the time to set your goal because you already messed up your New Years resolution. Since that one is already in the garbage you should analyze the one you messed up and either improve on it or make a completely brand new one.

Now don't get me wrong I have many flaws in my workouts, in my diet and daily routine. No one person is perfect. The way I am saying this is the justification of many sports icons losing their touch after retirement. Now you may be thinking, "they are old when they retire." Not necessarily. A lot of professional athletes have the ability to retire by the time they are forty. If you look at some of them today there activities have changed dramatically. Their ultimate drive has changed and yes they have become out of shape completely.

I will make this as plain and as simple as possible. Heck I will even do the same exact things as my article says, you may not see me to believe me but you will read the results.

  1. Wake up and stretch for at least ten minutes.
  2. Drink a protein shake or just a fruit or vegetable smoothie in the morning.
  3. Walk out your door and walk down the street.

Now these three things seem so incredibly simple. Nope not in the least. I don't know about you but I don't have a smoothie waiting for me, and if I was to make a smoothie in the morning before my fiance woke up she would hit me over the head with a newspaper.

Here is some advice to avoid the newspaper and become a better person. First, write down what your own routine is during the day, second, pick up at the store what you would like for a shake or smoothie ( if you do not have a blender buy one, if you don't want to buy one than buy a shake or smoothie but realize that these have plenty of additives and other nasty ingredients). And lastly get the heck out of your house, our lives as natural human beings has been always to find food, in the last one hundred years we have become content with our safe net and that is your house.

So you do not have to be a cave man to leave your damn television, your couch or recliner. You will have something to talk about to all your buddy's at the office, restaurant, or where ever you happen to work at. Because the human body is capable of so much than what you are doing now, don't let age, gender, or any one get in your way to a better life style for yourself.

Thank you for reading this article. In some aspects I have referred this article to men but that is my mistake. Women always need help with their motivation to workout, eat healthier and relax. Trust me I have a fiance whose pregnant, I know the habits. So follow this simple process and you will begin the journey with me.

sincerely your friend, Robert.


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