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Spring Turkey season almost here - time to get ready

Spring turkey season is here
Spring turkey season is here
Jeff Banke

That is right, Spring turkey season is almost upon us here in California, and if you have not already got the turkey decoys, turkey calls and preferred method of take already out of the closet, dusted it off and tested to make sure everything is functional, it is time to do so.

So, just as reminder the General sprint Turkey season starts on March 29th and runs until May 4th, 2014. Additionally, the Spring Archery season starts May 5th and runs until the 18th of May, 2014. Naturally, archers may not possess a firearm during the Archery season as stated in the Fish & Game code .

There are a couple of Additional Junior hunts which are on March 22-23, 2014 and May 5-18, 2014.

The daily limit is 1 per day and the possession limit is 3 per season, and the legal requirement is that it is a bearded turkey, (which in case you don't realize it means either sex as long as it has a beard, some hens have beards).

Legal methods of take include:

Shotgun (10 gauge or smaller, and shot no larger than #2 in possession, and a maximum capacity of 3 shells)

Muzzle-loading shotguns,

Bow and arrow (must use flu-flu arrows)

Crossbows (not during archery season and only with flu flu arrows)

Air rifles with .177 caliber or greater


Hunters must be in possession of a valid hunting license and upland game stamp or validation.

No electronic calling devices may be used.

The shooting hours for the spring wild turkey season shall be from one-half hour before sunrise to 4:00 p.m.

More on the California upland game regs can be found here

All manner of manually manipulated such as box calls, slate calls, etc., or orally operated calls such as diaphragms may be used. One of the better video's for a beginner on how to use a diaphragm call can be found here and another here

Turkey hunting is one of the few types of hunting that one would NOT wear blaze, Hunter or fluorescent orange, so of course since turkey's have excellent eye sight, matching your camouflage to the surroundings is important.

Use of decoys is permitted, except, live decoys, and the use of blinds is also a great asset. With the use of blinds, it should be remembered that since the inside of the blind is dark, the best form of camouflage to wear is actually black, which also means blackening one's face and hands, so that the turkey's do not see anything moving inside the blind.

Good hunting ;-)

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