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Spring trends: thank god I'm a country boy


Adam Kimmel Spring 2010

On Tuesday, Punxsutawney Phil declared there would be six more weeks of winter.  Can we really be surprised?  If you've lived in Chicago long enough, you begin to realize that winter here doesn't end until well into March.  Why not count down the next six weeks with a list of the top six trends for Spring 2010?

The biggest trend on the runway was cowboy inspired.  Several runways in Paris and Milan were covered in dirt before the shows started.  Many industry insiders suggest that this all over theme was inspired by the fall of the worldwide economy and a growing desire to get back to basics.  While some designers went all out with the cowboy inspired theme, such as Adam Kimmel (see the full collection here), others played on the idea by using simple and loose silhouettes.

Most of Adam Kimmel's spring collection is an all out salute to the cowboys we've come to know and love.  He incorporated duster jackets, worn boots and hats, even spurs to pull his theme forward.  While some of his pieces can be easily incorporated into the lives of people that do not live on a ranch herding cattle nor attend rodeos on a regular basis, his inspiration is really what you should use to get excited about incorporating  this trend into your wardrobe.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010

Alexander McQueen was one who, although obviously inspired by the old west, simplified his looks.  In doing so, he created a line that looks more like it was surely born of that era, and not a modern play on the historical dress. 

Many of his dress shirts were collarless.  Instead, McQueen incorporated white mandarin or straight collars (see right).  His pants had a loose fit and looked worn and dirty like the rest of his pieces.  He chose a simple color palette that was muted and earthy. 

Always the showman, McQueen went as far as to create stains on his dress shirts this season to fully capture the mood of the old west.  Most of his looks are reminiscent of what a rancher or townsman would have worn in the wild wild west.  To see the rest of his collection, click here.

While McQueen's collection was more toned down than Kimmel's, the overall look of it can be daunting.  You might be thinking to yourself, "Where could I get away with dressing like this?"  Well have no fear!  Several designers incorporated the cowboy trend without taking themselves too literally.

D & G Spring 2010

Dolce & Gabbana's D&G line was a phenomenal blend of literal wild west translation and modern day flair.  Their jeans had a relaxed fit instead of the skin tight version that has been the staple of many of their past shows.

Over half of their denim had rhinestone decorations covering them.  While this is all fine and good for the runways, it's not so great in the everyday.  I don't know a single woman who would be excited to talk to a man in bedazzled jeans.

However, most of their collection was modern and rugged without being over the top (see the full collection here).  The look to the left, for example, is simple and sexy.  The blazer is made of dark denim that is a high enough quality that the model doesn't look like he's wearing a Texas tuxedo.  A worn shirt and a scarf underneath adds to the trend, as well as the worn loose jeans and the subtle cowboy boots.

When comparing the D&G look to the Adam Kimmel look, it's easier to see the ways in which you can incorporate the cowboy trend into your spring closet without looking like you're ready to square dance.  Still having trouble embracing the thought of purchasing a worn pair of cowboy boots at Ragstock?  Pick up a used copy of You Can't Win by Jack Black to get you in the mood.  After that, put "Boys and Girls in America" by The Hold Steady on your iPod and jam away while you fix yourself a nice steak and some potatoes.  Once you've got a full belly, saddle down to Ragstock and find a decent ratty scarf and a used pair of boots.  These are two simple staples you can add to your wardrobe that won't cost you a pretty penny and will keep you stylish until summer's over.


  • Lara Piu, Chicago Spa and Salon Examiner 5 years ago

    Great article!

  • Shamontiel (Chicago Fragrance Examiner) 5 years ago

    I like the Dolce & Gabbana outfit, but the blazer isn't complimenting the outfit to me. I hate it when people wear casual clothes and throw a blazer on, and now they think they're stylish. Just go casual. Without the blazer, it's nice though.

  • md 5 years ago

    I liked the D&G look--it was a little more subtle! Also liked the ideas for books and music to get you in the Country mood! Great article!

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